A flaw in Statism?

Ted Bundy committed 30 murders before the law caught up with him, locked him up and executed him. John Wayne Gacy managed to claim 33 victims in his lifetime, and just as terrifying, he painted pictures of clowns.

These American serial killers attracted the attention of sophisticated, technologically advanced law-enforcement agencies, who tracked them down and stopped them with relative swiftness. In the developing world, killers sometimes make it farther. Luis Garavito killed at least 138 Columbian children over a run of at least five years (but over 400 deaths and disappearances of street children have been blamed on him.)

So, your worst nightmare of a remorseless killer might take out as many as 400 fellow human beings through individual effort.

Through the US killer drone program, Barack H. Obama has ordered the deaths of perhaps 4,700 people. This number is based on Senator Lindsey Graham’s admission from February 2013, since which many more people have been killed.

Discounting any federal death warrants, discounting his management of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, discounting black operations and the American intervention in Libya, we can pin 4,700 deaths on Barack Obama: he explicitly signed off on the drone attacks which ended these people. He had them whacked, terrorist, bystander and child.

The evidence supporting the drone attacks is secret. Thus, the only argument in favor of drone attacks is that the U.S. government really knows what it is doing… this is an argument from authority, generally agreed upon to be a logical fallacy, and of no value to truth-seekers.

Barack Obama has no rational defense for ordering the 4,700 deaths. He is at least ten times as dangerous as the planet’s worst serial killer ever. Wouldn’t you like to have a beer with him?

Perhaps there is some flaw in the philosophy that allows us to tolerate Obama and the other heads of state.


5 thoughts on “A flaw in Statism?

  1. estraven says:

    Totally agree. I guess if you sit in an office and sign off on these things happening half a world away, then it’s okay. [/sarcasm]

  2. I hate to defend his actions this way, but there is a very good chance that decisions like this appear in a stack of papers mixed in with papers of the most mundane bureaucratic nature. Of those 4,700 I expect the President actually processed details on only a handful, if any. The others may or may not have been killed based on general guidance he provided, but I truly doubt he knew much details about most of them.

    I am not saying killing by drone is justifiable, or saying it isn’t a potentially vital tool for furthering our government’s goals, but I do think it is a bit oversimplifying the situation by blaming the number of kills on the President. I think it is more like turning on and off a faucet. Blame the President for leaving the water running, not for exactly how many gallons of waters came out. That lies in the hands of… well I don’t know exactly who… probably someone in the intel community…

  3. cristoper says:

    Interesting. Though to evaluate “danger” based on quantity alone is not convincing. I (and likely most other people) feel more threatened by a killer of hundreds of innocent children than a term-limited, elected bureaucrat killing thousands of known or suspected armed insurgents and terrorists.

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