Progressives judge woman on make-up, clothes

Through the magic of Youtube’s allegedly-related video links, I stumbled upon the story of Anastasiya Shpagina, “the real-life anime girl.”

My favorite part of this is where Cenk Uygur implies that Anastasiya is a whore, Ana Kasparian gives sort of a violent cough, and he backpedals on a dime. Oops, my puritanism is showing! These “progressives” can’t quite appreciate a freak for her creativity without shaming her as a slut or criticizing the decadent wastefulness of her make-up routine, although they quickly come around to the idea that it is, after all, an issue of freedom.

The general public leaving Youtube comments is much nastier than The Young Turks: “This is disgusting… She is nasty.”; “I’m going to have nightmares.”; “I just think it’s horrifying that they would permanently alter their body to fit a certain ART STYLE. It is some seriously scary stuff what people will do to their bodies, from eye tattoos to giant gaping piercings on their noses to even this kind of stuff. It’s just… scary.”; “All you Japanese people want, is to look prettier and want some more attention! You even want boy’s attention!”; “smash it!”

I couldn’t honestly say that Anastasiya’s appearance isn’t startling or I don’t wonder what’s going on in her head. But, if creative expression isn’t challenging the viewer, why bother?

Could people be feeling jealous because Anastasiya has found a way of living out her fantasies?

Anastasiya is part of the Russian-speaking minority in Odessa, Ukraine. She recently rescued a baby bat off the street, which she feeds on maggots and milk. She offers makeover tutorials for transforming into anime characters and celebrities on her Youtube channel.


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